Springside Partners Plans for Growth with Strategic New Hires

David Taucher and Peter Augustin Complement Firm’s Energy and Client-Friendly Attitude  

 Akron, Ohio—April 29, 2019. Springside Partners, LLC, an SEC Registered Investment Advisor, has added two professionals to its staff, strategically increasing capacity for growth by continuing to develop a dynamic talent mix that suits its clients. The new staff members are David M. Taucher, Senior Portfolio Strategist, and Peter N. Augustin, Financial Advisor.

Carina Diamond, Founder and CEO, said “As we continue to grow, we pay close attention to the energy and authenticity of our staff. We want clients to know that there are real people here with real-life experiences. That kind of experience is our basis for every discussion of personal financial planning or wealth management.”

Diamond said that the backgrounds of the staff are a distinctive strength to Springside Partners.

She added, “Springside Partners has always been a different kind of firm. Service to clients doesn’t begin or end with our technical expertise. Our fascinating mix of professionals brings excellence, empathy and authenticity to the work of developing personal wealth strategies.”

David M. Taucher, CFP®, has joined the firm as Senior Portfolio Strategist. Taucher brings more than 30 years in financial planning and wealth management, and a passion for helping clients identify their goals and achieve a level of financial independence. He was principal and chief investment officer of RAV Financial in Beachwood, which was later bought by Sequoia Financial Group. He was also president of his own firm, DMT Financial Services.

Taucher brings decades of specialized expertise and high-level experience to the firm, having spent years serving clients with robust investment offerings as well as helping them navigate financial planning challenges. Diamond, said, “Dave brings a keen understanding of client relationships to Springside. We are proud to have him here and look forward to his contributions. As a former firm principal and chief investment officer, he is well positioned to contribute creative wealth strategies to the services we offer.”

Taucher said, “It’s exciting to take this step. As an entrepreneur, I love to see the spirit of the people at Springside Partners and their desire to grow.”

Peter N. Augustin has joined the firm as Financial Advisor. Augustin comes from a wealth management and financial advisory background. He was previously a financial advisor with Robert Baird & Co., as well as Morgan Stanley Wealth Management and Morgan Stanley Private Bank. He has experience in investment and asset management, portfolio management and ongoing client relations, and a finance degree from DePaul University. Augustin’s diverse experience also includes working at a landfill construction company. Years of this experience, he says, gave him insight into what makes a successful business and especially how to communicate with a range of people.

“I was able to talk with the guy who turned the screws on the pipe and with the CEO,” he said. “Everyone has a story behind their goals and I just work to help them clarify where they want to go.”

Augustin said he makes a practice of working within clients’ different learning styles, some people being visual learners who respond to illustrations and schematics while others appreciate analogies or verbal descriptions.

Carina Diamond said, “Pete speaks ‘human.’ In building new capacity for anticipated growth we have brought on some very interesting people with interesting experiences. Dave and Pete add capacity, energy and experiences that make for strong, positive client engagement. They are a great fit with our team members, each of whom bring knowledge and empathy in serving our clients.”

Both Taucher and Augustin will be serving Springside Partners’ full range of clients, including individuals, families, estates, and foundations.

About Springside Partners

Springside Partners, LLC., is an SEC Investment Advisor and a woman owned firm. Springside Partners provides investment advisory services. The firm offers discretionary portfolio management services to individuals, trusts, estates, and charitable organizations. Springside Partners has a strategic relationship with Pershing Advisor Solutions™, member FINRA, SIPC.

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