A Call for the Future

“A Call for the Future” is the appeal campaign from Carina and The University of Akron. It encourages financial and other professional service providers, supporters of the financial services field, supporters of The University of Akron, and others, to contribute to the Diamond Scholarship. For more information, Please contact UA Development at 330-972-7238.

Carina Diamond Endowed Scholarship

The new Carina Diamond Endowed Scholarship for Financial Planning at The University of Akron has been established to inspire female students to pursue rewarding careers in financial planning.

This is the moment when new talent should be fostered in large numbers, increasing financial literacy and security in the U.S. What could be as vital as preparing for the future? Especially when we do that through education, where skills become sustainable and a positive vision is created. Young people—in particular, women—need to know more about the potential awaiting them.

Carina Diamond started this effort with her own funds because it is time for women to have more opportunities in the financial profession and because increased financial education strengthens our communities. To drive this initiative, a goal of $100,000 has been set to be reached by December 31, 2018, so the scholarship will help at least two students annually.

Announcing a Challenge to Financial Professionals and the Financial Industry

Peer financial advisors, investment firms and financial advisory practices are invited to join Carina Diamond in creating your own scholarships, for male or female students of any race or age, or contributing to The Carina Diamond Endowed Scholarship for Financial Planning, which assists female students at UA.

Establishing your own scholarship in our field is a wonderful opportunity for a firm or an individual.
  • Support education and young people in their career beginnings.
  • Show support for (if you choose) the female candidates underrepresented in our field.
  • Engage with educators, students and others who are enlarging the profession.
  • Help strengthen the profession with more talent.
  • Raise awareness of financial planning.
  • Promote your firm or your own practice.

Carina is prepared to offer advice and suggest tools in developing your own scholarship. Please join her in supporting financial education and filling the talent pipeline. You will find it rewarding. To learn more, contact UA Development at 330-972-7238, or Carina Diamond at 330-598-2208.

Meet the Team

Brenda L. Hood, FPQP™

Brenda L. Hood, FPQP™

Chief Operating + Compliance Officer

Phone: 330-598-2208
Email: bhood@springsidepartnersllc.com

Patrick G. Hahn, AIF®

Patrick G. Hahn, AIF®

Senior Portfolio Manager

Phone: 330-598-2208
E-mail: phahn@springsidepartnersllc.com

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