Our Approach

Springside Partners, a registered investment advisory firm, provides fee-based investment management services, through a fiduciary relationship. We are committed to acting in our clients’ best interest.

Springside Partners offers discretionary portfolio management services to individuals, families, trusts, and charitable organizations. We carefully tailor investment advice to meet clients’ needs and investment objectives. Because we charge a small percentage of assets rather than commissions, we recommend investments based on a client’s financial plan.

Our value to clients is reflected by an exceptionally high client retention rate. We believe our clients stay with us year-after-year because of our service excellence and advice. We understand that our clients’ lives and finances change over time, and we have a commitment to sustainable, continuous financial planning.

Financial, retirement and investment planning

A financial plan is a complex undertaking that, when done correctly, can provide a blueprint for working toward financial security. Our talented, experienced team of financial advisors includes CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNERS® (CFP®). Our team:

  • Helps you develop a financial vision.
  • Guides you through life stages and life events, including wealth accumulation, saving for college, business succession, and retirement planning and wealth distribution.
  • Offers a custom, not an off-the-shelf, solution.

How Our Approach Helps You

Springside Partners takes an holistic approach to wealth management and financial planning. Your financial wellbeing and goals are paramount—therefore, we think it’s very important that there is a team working on your behalf, and that wealth related decisions take into account their ramifications. We have a team-based approach that delivers well-rounded service, continuity, and a multi-generational perspective. Because we are a salary-based firm, our advice is always based on your best interests.

We see good health as the best metaphor for successful wealth management. Not just a metaphor, either. In 2009 Carina Diamond founded the local program flourish™: women & wealth, with the realization of an underserved population in the financial services industry. The event presents wealth management in the context of healthy living and brings women together in a comfortable setting to discuss their wellbeing and how to plan for the future, increasing empowerment. More than 1,000 women have attended a flourish™ program since inception.


We coordinate with your accountants and use our experience on your behalf. Our goal is to minimize negative tax outcomes and look for tax saving opportunities.


Financial decision making doesn’t happen in a vacuum. We will help you take your life milestones and decision points into consideration. Many of these have may legal implications. We can coordinate estate planning with your attorneys so that account titles and beneficiary designations are handled appropriately.


We live in a technological age and technology is available to simplify your financial life and increase security. Springside Partners includes digital access to financial planning and transactions in our services to you. We want you to find it easy to access your information and to work with us.

We're here to help

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