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Springside Partners is a real firm, with real people who will help you match your plans with your vision.

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As a Registered Investment Advisor, Springside Partners helps individuals, families and organizations with investment management, retirement planning and financial planning. We provide rigorous, sophisticated financial management on a fee-only basis, no commissions.

Our Story

Headquartered in Akron, Ohio, Springside Partners is one of very few female-founded and operated Registered Investment Advisors (RIA). It is dedicated to providing unbiased investment management and financial planning guidance.

Carina Diamond, Brenda Hood and Patrick Hahn all have extensive experience in financial planning and wealth management. The three worked together for years as principals at SS&G Wealth Management. While there, they recognized that clients increasingly were seeking unbiased financial advice without the potential conflict of commissions. In response, Carina, Brenda and Pat founded Springside Partners as a RIA. As a fiduciary, an RIA, which is registered with securities authorities, has a duty and fundamental obligation to provide suitable investment advice and always act in the client’s best interests.

While Springside Partners was started as a sister company to SS&G Wealth Management, today it operates as a completely separate entity. The three principals and their team work as fee-based (non-commission), client centered professionals providing investment planning advice to individuals, families and organizations.

A belief in giving back.

Springside Partners is deeply committed to its community. Our involvement is directed toward helping and empowering people in the regions where we serve our clients. Everyone on our team believes in giving back.

A passionate advocate of financial empowerment for women, Founder and CEO Carina Diamond established the Carina Diamond Scholarship through the University of Akron. This endowed scholarship is dedicated to encouraging women to pursue a degree in financial planning, a field where women are a minority. She has also issued the “Diamond Challenge” to her financial peers, to contribute to or establish like-minded scholarships. We encourage you to learn more here.

We are committed to you.

As a Registered Investment Advisor, we are fiduciaries. Springside Partners is committed to your best interests. We specialize in investment management and financial planning that take into account your life, your family and your vision.


Individuals, couples, families and foundations all receive the benefit of our experience and care. The financial well-being of women is a specialty at Springside Partners. We specialize in helping all clients focus on their individual financial needs and prepare specific action plans for themselves.


We build our relationships holistically, meaning that your goals, life experiences, relationships and wealth all matter. What that means is that your wealth is more than just financial; it is considered within the context of your life.


As a fiduciary, we must act in your best interest. We must disclose all material information you need in order to make an informed decision about investment options. We fully document the investment strategy used and have ongoing discussions about your risk tolerance.

About Carina Diamond

As Founder and CEO of Springside Partners LLC, Carina Diamond specializes in retirement planning, financial planning and investment management. She helps clients at every stage of life design a financial plan, customize or refresh a portfolio, or address a specific issue or life event.

Patrick G. Hahn, AIF®

Patrick G. Hahn, AIF®

Senior Portfolio Manager

Phone: 330-598-2208
E-mail: phahn@springsidepartnersllc.com

Brenda L. Hood, FPQP™

Brenda L. Hood, FPQP™

Chief Operating + Compliance Officer

Phone: 330-598-2208
Email: bhood@springsidepartnersllc.com

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Springside Partners is now Dakota Wealth Management.
Springside Partners is now Dakota Wealth Management.

Springside Partners has become Dakota Wealth Management. Dakota is headquartered in Palm Beach Garden, FL; Dakota in Ohio is based in Northeast Ohio, where Carina Diamond and the rest of her team continue to serve local clients personally, as always. Former Springside clients can expect continuity in the services they receive, with the biggest change being the additional financial resources…

Springside Partners , Registered Investment Advisor, Agrees to Acquisition by Dakota Wealth Management
Springside Partners , Registered Investment Advisor, Agrees to Acquisition by Dakota Wealth Management

Carina Diamond, Founder and CEO of Springside Partners, announced that the firm has entered into an agreement to be acquired by Dakota Wealth Management, an independent investment management firm serving high-net-worth individuals and families. Dakota Wealth Management is based in Palm Beach Gardens, Fla.; the firm will retain Springside Partners’ office and staff in Akron. “The unbiased advice and customized…

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